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      A Comparative Analysis of LLMs for Scientific Writing: ChatGPT 4, BioBERT, SciBERT, and BioGPT

      April 16th, 2023
      Authors: Amina Khalpey, PhD, Ezekiel Mendoza, BS, Parker Wilson, BS, Zain Khalpey, MD, PhD, FACS Abstract This white paper presents a comprehensive comparison of the leading large language models (LLMs) for scientific writing: ChatGPT 4,…

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      How Language Processors Will Change Healthcare in 2023

      Authors: Amina H Khalpey, PhD, Brynne Rozell BS, Parker Wilson BS, Ezekiel Mendoza, BS, Zain Khalpey, MD, PhD In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have been making great strides in technological…

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      How Machine Learning Algorithms Will Reduce Medical Errors in Trauma Patients

      March 11th, 2023
      Authors: Amina Khalpey, PhD, Brynne Rozell, BS, Zain Khalpey, MD, PhD, FACS Medical imaging is a critical component of modern medicine, providing a non-invasive method of diagnosing and monitoring various diseases and pathologies. Imaging is…

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      The Current Status of Ai in Healthcare 2023

      March 2nd, 2023
      Authors: Amina Khalpey, PhD, Brynne Rozell BS, Zain Khalpey, MD, PhD Artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant strides in healthcare over the past few years, with advancements in machine learning, natural language processing, and computer…

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      The Intelligent Future of Healthcare: A Guide to Creating Bulletproof Digital Health Ecosystems

      Authors: Amina Khalpey PhD, Parker Wilson BS, Brynne Rozell BS, Zain Khalpey MD, PhD, FACS In recent years, healthcare has increasingly adopted digital health solutions that have, in general, improved efficiency and effectivity, including…

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      Nutrition Advice: Plant-based Anti-Inflammatory High Protein Cardiac Diet for Patients

      Authors: Amina Khalpey, PhD, Zeke Mendoza, BS, Brynne Rozell BS, Zain Khalpey, MD, PhD An anti-inflammatory diet is beneficial for surgery patients because it has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body, which can help to reduce…

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      How Can Machine Learning Algorithms For Cardiac Imaging Augment Clinical Decision-Making in The Field?

      Authors: Amina Khalpey, PhD, Ujjawal Kumar BA, Brynne Rozell BS, Zain Khalpey, MD, PhD Multimodality cardiac imaging plays a crucial role in the diagnosis, investigation and management of cardiovascular diseases, and machine learning algorithms…

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      Integrating Augmented Artificial Intelligence with Physician Decision-Making: More Precise Cardiovascular Healthcare

      Authors: Amina Khalpey, PhD, Brynne Rozell BS, Zain Khalpey, MD, PhD Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), CVD accounts for 17.9 million deaths…

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      Health Complications Predicted by Heart Rate Variability and Pulse Oximetry Using Artificial Intelligence

      February 25th, 2023
      Authors: Amina H Khalpey, PhD, Zain Khalpey, MD, PhD, Brynne Rozell BS, Timothy Ruchti The evolution of illness leading up to a clinical event is often gradual and entrained across multiple physiological systems. Human observers generally do not…

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      How ML Algorithms Can Predict Complications and Improve Decision Making in the Cardiac ICU

      Authors: Amina H Khalpey, PhD, Ujjawal Kumar BA, Jessa Deckwa, Yash Suri BS, Brynne Rozell BS, Zain Khalpey, MD, PhD Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to significantly improve decision making and predict complications in the cardiac…

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